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Handcrafted & Homegrown: Episode 11, Yes Coffee Co.

Just say "Yes!" to Yes Coffee Co. in Flagler Beach. The owners, Mike and Rachel McDermott, have a motto when it comes to their coffee, "simple, approachable and beautiful." That motto is conveyed in every aspect of their business, from the coffee itself to the shop's comfortable atmosphere and delightful baristas. Stop in for one of their best sellers, the Snowcap. It's a short iced vanilla latte with a cold foam on top. It's an original creation the couple came up with, and it's a must-try the next time you visit Flagler.

Handcrafted & Homegrown: Episode 10, A1A Burrito Works

Meet Nicolas Kimball, owner of A1A Burrito Works, a staple here in Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches. What started as a 250sqft. shack in Flagler Beach, has quickly grown to four locations and become the go-to taco shop for everyone, from surfers to hedge-funders. The staff comes in early and makes everything in-house using only the freshest ingredients. Their signature dish? The Mexican UFO. It's the highest rated, most mentioned, and most frequently ordered piece of fully-customized culinary magic. It's chewy, crunchy, cheesy and so full of's OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Handcrafted & Homegrown: Episode 9, Oceanside Beach Bar & Grill

Johnny Lulgjuraj and his Oceanside Beach Bar & Grill family take pride in keeping their customers happy. In these challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, that's a tall order. However, this local Flagler Beach family has stepped up to the challenge and says they're committed to keeping their restaurant in pristine condition. "Mama's my secret weapon when it comes to cleaning." Johnny said. Show your support by stopping in for a bite to eat or place an order to-go.

Handcrafted & Homegrown: Episode 8, Flagler Beachfront Winery

Meet Ken Tarsitano, winemaker and owner of Flagler Beachfront Winery. Ken's passion for winemaking is palpable and is inspired by his grandfather who taught him the process. "Every time somebody takes a good sip of my wine and enjoys it, it brings me back to my grandfather...learning how to make something from the heart." Stop in for a wine tasting and charcuterie board, "Get Slushed" with a delicious frozen wine slushie, and enjoy good company.


Handcrafted & Homegrown: Episode 7, Vessel Sandwich Co.

Meet Ben and Haley Kirk, owners of Vessel Sandwich Co. in Flagler Beach. Ben is a top-notch chef preparing everything from scratch with locally-sourced ingredients, and Haley's welcoming smile makes you feel at home the moment you walk through the door. Tune in now to find out more about one the most highly recommended restaurants in the area.

Handcrafted & Homegrown: Episode 6, A Scent To Remember and Flagler Tea Company

A Scent To Remember is an all natural aromatherapy bath and body boutique. Owners Jackie & Don Buckingham have extensive training in aromatherapy and cosmetics, making them experts in formulating the right combination of ingredients to meet their customers' needs. As an added bonus, Flagler Tea Company (another Jackie & Don creation) operates out of the same building and offers over 45 different varieties of herbal teas for you to sip while you shop.

Handcrafted & Homegrown: Episode 5, The Island Grille

Listen in as Gary Maresca, Chef and Owner of The Island Grille, shares how his family traditions inspired him to bring you top-notch cuisine and hometown hospitality.


Handcrafted & Homegrown: Episode 4, Flagler Fish Company

Chris Casper, Chef and Owner of Flagler Fish Company, prides himself on offering only the freshest and finest seafood and beef available. Dine-in for a deliciously prepared meal, always from scratch, from their extensive menu. Or if you're more of a DIY type, pick up the perfect cut of USDA certified prime beef or a filet of your favorite fish to take home.

Handcrafted & Homegrown: Episode 3, Flagler Surf Art & Stuff

Meet Carla Cline, Artist and Owner of Flagler Surf Art & Stuff. She's a Florida native and a Flagler Beach local. Carla expresses her passion for life through creating art, which she sells in her gift shop along with a large selection of handcrafted items made by local artists.

Handcrafted & Homegrown: Episode 2, Beach Belly Bob's Sandwich Shop

Meet Bob Gamblain, Chef and Owner of Beach Belly Bob's Sandwich Shop. Bob gave up his career in the medical field and sold off everything he owned to move to Flagler Beach and open his own restaurant. While seeing full, happy people fuels his fire, the camaraderie between he and his customers is the most rewarding part of his job.

Handcrafted & Homegrown: Episode 1, Down To Earth Pottery 

Meet Heather Wales, Artist and Owner of Down To Earth Pottery. Heather has been creating with clay for over 25 years. Her work is often inspired by nature which is apparent in the colors of the earth and sea in her designs. She has owned and operated pottery studios in New Jersey and New Mexico, where she taught students of all ages how to create magic with a ball of clay and a wheel. A graduate of the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, Heather has returned to Florida to fulfill her dream of running a “studio with a view of the sea.”