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    As we walk our noses are constantly at work. One of the 6 senses most of us have and should never take for granted. We create blends that can help bring calming and peacefulness to your meditation, or bring happiness, sadness and the ability to spark that wistful thought back in time to a memory of years past. That nostalgic moment is what we aim to trigger. With the use of Essential Oils we are able to go a bit further by introducing the power of these oils into everyday life. Aromatherapy is fast becoming a staple in the lives of many. We provide 100% Pure Essential Oils for those looking for an alternative to the MLM companies practices. No need to worry about joining the "TEAM". You deserve to just be able to buy the essential oils you need with no ulterior motive attached. Buy Quality from those who know quality essential oils. We carry Products from Uncle Crazy's Aromatherapy Co. made just for the Men. We are supplied with a wonderful line of Handmade Men's Grooming and Toiletries. These include Shaving Creams, Soaps, Aftershave, Lotions, Beard Oils, Beard Balms, Mustache Wax, and Pomade.  It has taken us a great deal of time and effort to find the farms and distillery's we use for our essential oils. It is not only the ability to know the farm, but to understand the farmer and the operation that makes the oils. Sustainability is one of the key factors in our choice of companies. With this we also look at whether they are 100% Pure, Natural and Unadulterated. Having the farms and distillers certify they are  Vegan, Kosher, Organic, and Gluten Free helps our oils even more, this way we know the quality we sell is top of the line. 

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