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Florida law outlines the proper use of Tourist Development tax funds. The County Commission has determined that its funds will be allocated to the following funds:

Fund 109 Capital Projects – Funding can be used to acquire, construct, extend, enlarge, remodel, repair, improve, maintain, operate or promote convention centers, sports stadiums, coliseums, auditoriums, or museums that are publicly owned and operated or owned and operated by not for profit organizations and open to the public.

Fund 110 Promotional Activities – Funding can be used to promote and advertise festivals, programs or special events to attract tourism into Flagler County. Methods of promotion can include multi-media, newspaper, magazine, billboard, radio or television advertisements and signage. Some entertainment costs, for applied events, are also eligible from this category. Funding is also available for convention bureaus, tourist bureaus, tourist information centers, news bureaus and county agencies or by contract with chambers of commerce or, similar associations for conducting tourist promotion.

Fund 111 Beach Restoration – Funding can be used to finance beach park facilities or beach improvement, maintenance, renourishment, restoration, and erosion control, including shoreline protection, enhancement and cleanup.