We embrace the weird. The quirky. The funky. Whatever you want to call it, we definitely have it in Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches. In honor of Halloween, here’s a few of our most bizarre, yet beloved, local curiosities.

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1. The Stone Face at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park

As you stroll through the park on a quiet afternoon, a strange, uneasy feeling washes over you. You’re surrounded by beautiful flowers and towering trees, but…you feel it. You’re being watched. But, who? Where? Suddenly you see it—a moss-covered visage staring up at you from the foliage. A sigh of relief. This little guy isn’t stone-faced. He sports a happy grin. The mischievous mug is a cute little mystery that we don’t want to solve—we just know we love it and you will, too.

2. Pete the Pelican

ATTENTION ALL AUDUBON SOCIETY MEMBERS! We’ve got a rare bird right here. Grab those binoculars because you’ll want to take a gander at Pete the Pelican. We’d say he’s the cutest bird on the block, but we don’t want to ruffle any feathers with #5 on our list. He is, however, definitely the best dressed (easy to win when the competition (#5, again) is perpetually stork-naked). Pete treats A1A like his personal runway, always modeling his latest fashions: a football jersey, police uniform, a construction vest, a Santa suit. He’s got more costumes than the Village People! To see what Pete’s sporting, be sure to drive by his house at 1408 S. Ocean Shore Blvd on your next trip. Just remember to steer clear of his nest—it’s private property, after all!

3. Carla Cline’s Sunglass Cemetery

You could say Carla Cline has an eye for the unusual. For years, the owner of Flagler Surf Art & Stuff has combed the beach each morning for abandoned treasures. One of her most common finds: sunglasses. Either lost to the waves or buried in the sand, the glasses are forever parted from their dear owners. Cline lovingly collects each pair and gives them a more dignified resting place—the entrance to her shop. Perched on branches and bushes, they’re truly a spectacle to see.


4. The A1A Pirate House

Ahoy there! If ye are cruising down A1A one glorious day for a look at our high seas, ye be sure to see a crew of wayward plunderers atop a deck along the way. Aye, these life-size scoundrels peer from their perch at 1608 S. Ocean Shore Boulevard, scouring the road for any wayward travelers. A hardy crew of nearly a dozen, the resin ruffians be a favorite of landlubbers. Use ye compass (or Google Maps?) to set eyes on these local treasures. But remember, this be a private residence. No trespassin’! Savvy?


5. The Chicken Pantry’s Giant Red Rooster

What the cluck did we just see? We’re equal parts bewildered and amused by this giant red yardbird that guards the Chicken Pantry Restaurant in Bunnell. We don’t quite get why he’s there? Is he warning his feathered friends that something’s a-fowl inside? They are serving up some of the tastiest, most succulent fried chicken around. Or is he just a fun, kitschy way to pull in peckish passersby? Either way, we crow with delight whenever we see this bright red bird.

6. Florida’s First In-ground Concrete Swimming Pool at Princess Place Preserve

Weird claim to fame, but okay. Let’s take a not-so-deep dive into this random little fact. The spring-fed pool was constructed in 1887 as a part of Henry Mason Cutter (a wealthy New Yorker)’s Adirondack camp-style lodge. Cutter’s lodge (which you can still tour) touted stables, tennis courts and of course, the now-dormant pool. It might not look like much compared to today’s custom creations, but this baby was state-of-the art in the 1880s. There’s also a little debate about whether the pool is actually the first—but we aren’t gonna wade into that.