So, you’re getting ready for your first vacation since lockdown. How exciting!  Like most people, you probably started your vacation planning by deciding on where to go. We hope you’re planning to visit us here in Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches! Your next step is to decide where to stay. For so many reasons, choosing the right accommodation for your trip is probably the most important decision you can make.

Especially in this new environment with a heightened focus on sanitization and social distancing, many travelers are opting for a vacation rental home. A vacation rental can be found for every type of travel, from a romantic getaway for two in a secluded cottage, to a luxury condo for a girl’s getaway with every imaginable amenity, to an oceanside villa that can sleep up to twelve people. Here are a few reasons why a vacation rental home may be a good choice for your next trip.

  1. vacation rental blue moonSize matters. If you are traveling with a multi-generational group, have more than one family traveling together, or are going away with a group of friends, a vacation rental can provide plenty of space for privacy while still offering common areas for gathering. Imagine staying at that big oceanside villa – while a few people watch a movie, others can be outside swimming in the pool and still others can retreat to a dog pet familyquiet area to read.
  2. Family (and furry) friendly. Many vacation rentals allow pets for an additional fee, so Fido can take a vacation, too. For families with small children, a vacation rental offers flexibility for the important things like nap time, while the rest of the group can still enjoy the home’s amenities.  Plus, with access to a full kitchen, you can keep snacks handy and save money by cooking a few meals at home.
  3. family saving moneyPenny-wise planning. Speaking of saving money, a vacation rental can be extremely cost-effective not just because you can save money on food by eating “at home”, but also because the cost of the rental can be shared among each guest. Let’s say a group of eight golfers decides to rent a four-bedroom home. When divided, the cost can be less than if each golfer stayed in an individual hotel room; plus there’s the added bonus of hanging out in the home’s common area to swap stories after playing a round in Hammock Beach.
  4. golden lion surfersGo native. One way to really feel like a local is to stay in an area where locals live. A cozy bungalow within blocks of Flagler Beach, for example, would give you easy access to fish off the pier, walk to locally-owned restaurants or enjoy an early morning walk along the beach without having to drive there. More importantly, you’ll get to know the friendly, easy-going people in the area, which is one reason people choose to visit our destination year after year.
  5. cleaning vacation rentalSafety first. Because vacation rentals are generally rented for longer than the average hotel room, fewer traveling parties are staying there in any given month (which may mean less chance of cross-contamination). And more than ever, vacation homeowners and guests are aware of the importance of a thoroughly sanitized environment. For example, Airbnb implemented a program in November 2020 to ensure all their homeowners (hosts) commit to new COVID-19 safety and sanitizing practices. This includes a five-step enhanced cleaning process developed in partnership with the U.S. Surgeon General, which gives hosts guidance on sanitizing protocols and the use of approved disinfectants, with extra focus on high-touch surfaces. Hosts that commit to the program use a special “sparkle” icon on their listing so guests know that the property meets Airbnb sanitization standards.

If you think a vacation rental home may be a good option for you, find a few of our favorites in Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches.


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