Looking for simple fun for a day in the sun? We’ve got you covered. Check out some of our favorite activities that’ll keep the kiddos entertained while you chill in the chair.

1. Build a Drip Sandcastle

No pail? No problem! To create a drip sandcastle, you need just three things: sand, water, and a steady hand. Begin by building a mound of sand to serve as a base. Then, mix water and sand until you have a pancake batter-like consistency. Hold the mixture in your hand, thumb down and let it slowly drip onto the ground. Continue the process until spires are created. Voila!

2. Fly a Kite

Easy, breezy fun. The beach is the perfect place to fly a kite—just be sure to pick a day when the wind is between 8 to 15 miles per hour for the best results. Find a spot away from others, launch your kite, and enjoy this simple activity.

3. Hunt for Seashells

Task your tiny beachcombers with collecting seashells. Cockle and coquina are some of the most common local finds. Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches’ insider secret? You’ll find beautiful shells all over, but Varn Park is one of the most popular spots. Happy hunting!

4. Design a Masterpiece

Once gathered, use the shells to create mosaics in the sand. Arrange shells to make a dolphin, heart, or anything else your kiddos can dream up. Be sure to take a photo and use the hashtag #VisitFlagler to share your masterpiece.

5. Ride the Waves on a Boogie Board

Little thrill-seeker on your hands? Pick up a boogie board at Z Wave Surf Shop or another local store and spend the afternoon riding the waves in Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches.

6. Play Tic Tac Toe

Tic-tac-toes…in the sand. Combine the two by drawing a grid in the cinnamon-colored sand. Kids can either mark Xs and Os with a finger or use seashells as game pieces.

7. Off to the {Bucket} Races

In this heart-pumping game, each participant will have their own bucket or sand pail—all set up the same distance from the water’s edge. Then, using cups or spoons, have the kiddo fill their respective objects with water and carefully (or not!) carry it to their bucket. Set a timer for two minutes, when it's finished, the one with the most water in their bucket wins. Need to pick up a pail? Swing by the Flagler Beach Gift Shop for sand toys and other beach day supplies.

8. Have a {Beach} Ball

Nothing conjures up summer fun like a brightly colored beach ball. From catch to keep-away, a beach ball provides hours of easy play time.

9. Make a Sandman

In Florida, we say s’now-way to a traditional snowman. Instead, we use our cinnamon-colored sand to create our summer-lovin’ friends. You’ll start by mixing wet and dry sand together to form a somewhat round, somewhat wet blob. Then, roll the blob through dry sand, continuing to shape it as you go. Make three, in different sizes to stack. For the finishing touches: use seashells for eyes and buttons, driftwood for arms and a nose, and seaweed for hair. The beach is your oyster when it comes to decorating your new friend.

10. Tidy Up the Beach

We know—cleaning might not sound like a lot of fun. But when it’s to protect our slice of paradise, it’s really kind of inspiring. By knocking down sandcastles, filling holes, and picking up trash, you’re protecting local wildlife and keeping Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches beautiful. Go it alone or join a local group, like the Flagler Beach All-Stars, which organizes monthly clean-ups.