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Ann Rains Photography

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    Hello, my name is Ann Rains, I am a photographer based in Palm Coast, Florida. My passion is creating imagery, which is authentic, emotional, and timeless. My photography is crafted with a blend of a documentary and fine-art approach. I would call myself an avid lover of light, always chasing the sun for that perfectly lit photo. As far back as I can remember, I have had a camera in my hand. I recall being the little 8-year-old at my mom’s friend’s wedding, where I horded all the disposable cameras so I could take all the photos. I already had a passion of clicking that trigger. Times have changed so much now. But I still have that same spark in my heart as I did back then. If you are seeking a photographer who can capture the most intimate moments, candidly and creatively… as well as craft perfectly composed and naturally lit timeless photographs. Then I would love for us to get to know one another.