Cold and sweet—ice cream is always our favorite summertime treat. Whether it’s served in a bubbly waffle cone, sandwiched between two cookies, or swirled in a shake, we don’t give a lick—we just know we love it. Here’s the scoop on where to get ice cream in Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches.

Twisters Ice Cream Café in Palm Coast

Buttered popcorn ice cream? Sounds like this shop has their treats a little…twisted. And for that very reason, we love Twisters Ice Cream Café in Palm Coast. Artisanal flavors like apple crisp, maple guava, and orange pineapple are all handmade, resulting in scoops that burst with flavor. Be sure to take home a six-pack of ice cream sandwiches for a late-night vacation snack.

Surfside Shakes in Flagler Beach

Shake, rattle, and zero self-control. That about sums up a visit to Surfside Shakes in Flagler Beach. Our sweet tooth goes wild with the number of frozen concoctions: craft soft serve, sundaes, floats, malts and of course, shakes. Seasonal specialties, like the caramel apple pie shake, pop up throughout the year, so there’s always something new to slurp. Order your sweet treat at the window, then pop around the corner for a selfie in front of the colorful turtle mural.

Purdees Tropical Ice in Palm Coast

It might not technically be ice cream, but we’re still cool with these frozen treats. At Purdees in Palm Coast, you’ll find traditional Italian water and cream ices. Perfect for hot days, these refreshing confections come in flavors like lemon, cotton candy, and extreme sour cherry. We’re especially big fans of the ocean-themed sizing options: ripple, low tide, high tide, tidal wave and tsunami.

Sally’s Ice Cream in Flagler Beach

You can’t miss Sally’s Ice Cream. The angular, magenta-colored building lures in passersby from A1A with its cheery façade and decadent frozen treats. As you step up to the window, you’ll notice numerous hand-painted boards in a rainbow of colors, each one a different flavor. With options like rum raisin, cookie monster, and raspberry rhapsody, a little waffling is expected. Lactose, sugar, and dairy-free varieties are also available.  

The Waffle Cone in Flagler Beach

Nostalgia comes knocking at The Waffle Cone. Located in the heart of Flagler Beach, this charming ice cream shop is a throwback to the 50s, with retro booths and bubblegum pink walls plastered with records. And along with the cute digs, come some seriously delicious desserts. Flavors range from the classics, chocolate and vanilla, to the creative—royal banana crunch and caramel brownie. There are also brownie sundaes drowning in hot fudge, root beer floats, and sugar and dairy-free selections.

Fergie's Ice Cream in Bunnell

Ferga-licious! This neighborhood ice cream spot sells yummy Hershey's flavors, like Key Lime Pie and Honey Roasted Peanut Butter. Be sure to check their Facebook page for new and seasonal flavors!