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Flagler Beach and surrounding area is a beach lover's delight with 19 miles of pristine coquina sand beaches, perfect for surfing the third best waves in Florida, fishing from the surf, beachcombing, swimming or just soaking up the sun. Bring your own board, or rent one to hang ten like a pro. Local surf shops offer lessons and surf camps are held each summer to teach you the basics and improve your form! Speaking of pros, Flagler Beach is home to the Tommy Tant Memorial Surf Competition each fall. So grab a board, catch a few and most of all, enjoy!

Each year from December through March, Right Whales migrate to this area to give birth and nurse their calves in warm, protected waters, before again returning north to feeding grounds off New England and Canada. Just off the coastline of Flagler Beach some Right Whales come in close to shore – sometimes within a quarter mile of the beach. Mothers can be seen with young-of-the-year calves, and juvenile whales may be seen traveling or playing. Visit the website of the Marineland Right Whale Project at for more information.

Beach Tips

  • Check for flags and posted signs that will alert you of the current water conditions and look for life guard stands. Swim in the area in front of them when possible.
  • Keep an eye on your little ones and make sure you have enough adult supervision for the children in your group. 
  • Make sure to pack your floaties, noodles and rafts, but be aware that they are not life-saving devices.
  • The Sunshine State is full of sunshine so please use sunblock faithfully and wear a hat.
  • Remember to stay hydrated. Bring a cooler full of water and refresh yourself frequently. 

Make the most of your Florida Beach vacation by taking care of yourself and loved ones. Take note of the above tips and enjoy Flagler Beach. 

A1 Surf and Skate

Get the hook-up with your surfing and skate needs at A1Surf and Skate! Selling all the gear you need for a successful day at the beach or a ride at the skate park, A1 Surf and Skate is a variable...

211 S. 3rd S
Flagler Beach FL 32136
View Details

Beverly Beach

Multiple street beach access available....

N. Oceanshore Blvd.
Flagler Beach 32136

View Details

Flagler Beach

Multiple street beach access available...

Oceanshore Blvd.
Flagler Beach

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Flagler Beach #2 - Pet Friendly

Flagler Beach has pet friendy access allowing dogs on the beach north of N. 10th Street and south of S. 10th Street on LEASH only (the leash must be no longer than 5 ft. long). Please abide ...

A1A between South 11th Street to South 27th Street
Flagler Beach FL 32136
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Flagler Beach Municipal Pier

Officially opened in 1928, the pier is one of the area’s most popular fishing spots. Open 6AM to 12 midnight year round, the pier is great for fishing and bird watching, and stretches out into t...

215 S. Oceanshore Blvd.
Flagler Beach FL 32136
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Flagler Board Shack

Local Surf, Skate and Sup Shop . We offer Summer surf camp, lessons, Rentals, Repairs, and Apparel and accessories for sale. ...

211 S 3rd St
Flagler Beach FL 32136
(386) 439-0055
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Jungle Hut Road Park - Pet Friendly

This two-acre site is great for looking for ruby-throated hummingbirds during the summer and gannets during the winter. Take the dune walkover to find shorebirds, gulls, and pelicans. Activities: walk...

125 Jungle Hut Rd
Palm Coast FL 32137
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Mala Compra Road Beachfront Park - Pet Friendly

Malacompra Road Beachfront Park offers trails through a maritime oak hammock and ocean scrub community. This 36-acre park overlooks the longest exposed outcropping of coquina rock, monuments of specta...

115 Malacompra Road
Palm Coast FL 32137
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North Beach Water Sports

North Beach Water Sports is your #1 spot for renting fun! Located at the Si Como No Inn, we offer hourly and daily rates for kayaks, SUPs, surfboards, boogie boards, skim boards, inner tubes, beach ch...

2481 N Oceanshore Boulevard
Flagler Beach FL 32136
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Old Salt Park - Pet Friendly

Old Salt Road Beach Park is a popular beachfront park amidst the Ocean Hammock Resort, which also provides access to the coquina rock formations on the coast. There are plenty of parking spaces plus r...

16th Road
Palm Coast FL 32137
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Varn Park - Pet Friendly

Just a short drive north of Flagler Beach, Varn Park, covering eight acres, offers wheelchair access to the beach plus restrooms with outdoor showers and ample parking. Varn Park is an excellent spot ...

3665 North Oceanshore Blvd.
Flagler Beach FL 32136
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Z Wave Surf Shop

Z Wave Surf Shop is open 7 Days a Week, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. (Hours are seasonal in Fall & Winter) Need a board or a bike? Z Wave has rentals for surboards, bodyboards, skimboards, chairs, umbrellas an...

400 S. Oceanshore Blvd
Flagler Beach FL 32136
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A Nature Lovers Guide to Health and Wellness in Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches

Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches may be known as a cozy beach town along the Atlantic Ocean, but the area is quickly becoming a haven for vacationers who are seeking the perfect spot to be active while enjoying peaceful scenery and a relaxing atmosphere. From its beautiful jogging and biking paths along the Intracoastal Waterway to stunning golf courses with ocean views, Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches is truly a place for outdoor adventure lovers. Another plus to vacationing in the area? Many of the local restaurants cater to vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free appetites; therefore, you can still enjoy a delicious, healthy meal on your fitness vacation.

Local Vibes After the Storm

‘Goodwill Energy’ Makes Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches a Must-Visit Destination

Fall Festival Roundup for Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches

Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches is the place to be this fall! Check out these great events.

Beach and Marine Conservation and Educating Visitors

Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches continue to attract visitors from around the world to its gorgeous ocean and cinnamon-colored sand. But did you know it’s also home to some of the most important marine life and vegetation? Unbeknownst to beachgoers, their presence can be very damaging to the natural ecosystem of the area. However, your beach visit doesn’t have to be. From being mindful of your waste to following the guidelines on respecting the private space of nesting sea turtles to volunteering at a local rehabilitation lab for turtles, here’s how you can play a role in improving and protecting the beach and its true residents.

Why Flagler Beach Is the Best Family Vacation Destination in Florida

Not all family destinations in Florida are created equal. Tucked away in the northeastern part of Florida, Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches area has 19 miles of pristine, cinnamon-colored beaches. Sand and sun are a must for a family trip to Florida, but it gets even better from there. Here are five reasons why Flagler Beach is hands-down the best family vacation destination in Florida.

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Here’s a guide to some of the best things to do with your pets in Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches.

Low Tide Shore Bird Walk

Come journey alongside a Park Ranger for a Beginner’s Shorebird walk and discover the identity of the birds that choose our beaches as habitat.