Haw Creek Paddle Tour

  • Co Rd 2007
  • Bunnell, FL 32110
  • Overview

    Come join us every Tuesday this summer and be immersed in one of Florida's most scenic and virtually untouched waterways. We'll launch from Russell Landing in Haw Creek State Park and paddle our way downstream, through diverse ecology, to Dead Lake. From there we peruse on up to Bull Creek Fish Camp and dine on back county Florida vittles as we watch the sun set over the water.

    - The paddle will be just shy of 6 miles and should take us about 3-4 hours.

    - "Shuttle" service won't be available so please be willing to share a seat or two if possible. It's roughly a 2 mile drive from Bull Creek Fish Camp back to Russell Landing.

    - Dining provided by Bull Creek Fish Camp and includes any entree and non-alcoholic drink (appetizers extra) - Menu

    - (All bookings) Select menu dinner from Bull Creek Fish Camp; fountain beverage included, adult beverages extra

    - (Rental Bookings) kayak, paddle, PFD, whistle, and flashlight

    What to Bring:
    - Water, Insect repellent, dry bags, camera

    This is a natural Florida experience. There's a strong chance you will encounter dangerous Florida wildlife. Most of this fauna we happen upon will be either docile or skittish. Alligators in particular, are generally lazy creatures outside of mating season. During their mating season they become territorial. If we approach any alligators displaying territorial behavior we will reverse course, paddle upstream, and then return to the launch point and shuttle down to Bull Creek Fish Camp.

    If, during alligator mating season, we discover any nesting or dominant alligators along the paddle route we will cancel all recurring tours for the duration of the mating season and resume the tours when the threat has subsided. Reschedules will be preferred but refunds will be honored in this instance.

    Please DO NOT FEED the wildlife. Most incidents with dangerous Florida wildlife are a result of either deliberate or inadvertent feeding and the animal developing an association between humans and meals. Do not bring anything aboard the kayak that could be considered an easy meal for an alligator. This includes small dogs.