Ethan Bortnick, Live in Concert

  • 5500 E Hwy. 100
  • Palm Coast, FL 32164
  • Overview

    Recognized by the Guinness World Records as “The World’s Youngest Solo Musician to Head–line His Own Concert Tour,” Ethan Bortnick has been performing around the world, raising over $50,000,000 for charities across the globe. Ethan has not only moved audiences throughout the world as a captivating musician, but he is also a driven humanitarian, dedicated to combining his musical pursuits with his charity work. Ethan has helped raise over $50,000,000 for nonprofits around the world. His highly successful nationally televised TV show, The Power of Music, is still running nationwide continuously, winning multiple awards. Billy Joel's Musical Director, Dave Rosenthal, renowned globally for his work with Billy for over twenty years is also Ethan's Musical Director. Ethan's live concerts are filled with surprises and talent. This is a must–see for the entire family! He will also involve the audience in the show, compose music on the spot, put together songs instantly using audience stories/ideas, and answer questions.