Bird Walk at Long Creek Nature Preserve

  • 1050 Palm Harbor Pkwy.
  • Palm Coast, FL 32137
  • Overview

    Partner event with Wild Birds Unlimited. Long Creek is a very short walk, but has a lot of great bird activity! We will spend time standing on the boardwalk watching the various wading birds, raptors, woodpeckers and smaller birds landing nearby. We will also view the intracoastal on one side of the park.

    eBird: 92 species

    Accessibility: includes short sidewalk, boardwalk and a short shell path. If you'd prefer - bring a chair and join board member Judie Dziak for a "bird sit."

    Walks are held in parks around Flagler County; trips are out of town. Beginners and nonmembers are ALWAYS welcome. Experienced guides will help you see the birds and explore varied habitats. Free unless noted. But if you'd like to join to support the birds, you can do so here:

    New this year: select local bird walks will include an alternate "bird sit" option - if you'd prefer to have the birds come to you, bring a chair and join board member Judie Dziak. You may see more birds than the walkers (or different kinds)!