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Special Events & Festivals

Music: Food and Drink for the Soul

In a pavilion not too far away, goblets caressed nectar from the gods, platters offered enticing morsels, music opened a portal to a time long forgotten, and souls were quickly whisked to a galaxy where the force allowed many to simply, “Let It Go”.

Wings, Exhilaration, and Rockin' Runways

Wings Over Flagler, an annual event held the final weekend of March, is not only a celebration of the coming spring, it is a harbinger of the many exciting events that contribute to the uniqueness that is Flagler County.

Flagler's Native American Spirit

The Native American Festival is well on its way to becoming a premier event for both residents and visitors.


I say, you gotta LOVE IT! The ROAR of motorcycles up and down A1A competing with the roar of the surf, which seems especially noisy this week, for some reason.

Flagler Home & Lifestyle Show

The month of January signals changes across the county. It ushers in a New Year. Cold, Arctic air dips down into the Deep South bringing about nippy weather during the day, freezing temperatures at night, and sometimes, icicles hanging from orange trees. If it’s the fourth weekend in January in Flagler County, then it’s time for the Flagler Home & Lifestyle Show.