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Another Photographer's Paradise

Larry Mingledorff
Larry Mingledorff

I am sitting on a dock overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) with my camera close at hand. I am mesmerized by all the activity starting with the natural beauty of the ICW.

The water exhibits a subtle, silent movement. Occasionally, a ripple appears in the water creating a circular ring drifting slowly outward.

The disturbance in the water caused by all the creatures that live in the water and come to the surface to check on us humans. It is late in the day---the photographers Golden Hour - a perfect time to capture memories.

Numerous birds seem to be finding a spot to spend the night---no Bird Hotels in Flagler. As they land in or near the water’s edge they create more silent movements in the water.

As I look across the water I notice the beauty of the Marsh with the variety of plant life sprouting out of the water. My eye follows the water paths through the Marsh that serve as the roadway for the kayakers.

The moment I waited for has arrived—Sunset on the ICW. Now, all of this beauty will be splashed with a variety of colors.

Another photographer’s paradise.