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Spring Is In The Air

It is early spring thus my interest as a photographer is on the various shades of green colors.

Another Photographer's Paradise

I am sitting on a dock overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) with my camera close at hand. I am mesmerized by all the activity starting with the natural beauty of the ICW.

Do Not Fight What Nature Gives You..

I am staring out toward the small lake behind my home watching the rain drops bounce across the water. I love to watch nature in all of its forms, however, as a photographer, anxious to spend some time capturing the beauty of this area, I have a twinge of disappointment. Then my mind drifts to one thing I have learned as a photographer---do not fight or resist what nature gives you---go with it.

February in Florida

Driving along A1A North bound and the Flagler Pier comes into view and it is hard not to slow my speed and stare as every day and season creates a unique setting. Today has clear blue skies but slightly colder than normal. I notice a large number of sea gulls approaching the Pier and then dropping below my sight line.

A Photographer's Paradise

One of my first photography adventures was a visit to the Flagler Beach Pier. As I drove down AIA and the Pier became visible from several miles away I began to contemplate the best shot. Little did I know there was not a best shot but endless shots.