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The Shipwrecks Don't Want To Be Rescued!

Lani Worthington
Lani Worthington

What is the Shipwreck Fan Club?  We are a group of people who first came together to listen to the heartfelt music of Capt. Nick.  He is a Flagler Beach resident who writes songs and sings about life on the beach, along with various other cover songs. His words express so many of the feelings that we have inside but just can't quite find the way to say it.  I often say that Capt. Nick sings from his heart to ours.  He is a kind, loving man who is accompanied by his wife Dana, who plays percussion.  The motto of the fan club is:  "We are Shipwrecked in Flagler Beach but do not want to be rescued!"

Shipwrecks are much more than a fan club.  We have truly become a family to those who have no one around in which to share their lives.  Our goal every show is to make sure that everyone feels welcome and part of the action.  Ima personally goes around to every table to welcome visitors to our community, inform them about Capt. Nick and the Shipwrecks and help make their stay in Flagler Beach a memorable one!  I also try to include them in the fun while they are here and of course, welcome them back for more.  If visitors mention a particular type of music that they like or particular artists, that information is relayed to Capt. Nick who then personally welcomes them and plays to their requests.  The Captain's love of Flagler Beach is conveyed through his music so that our guests are made aware of how blessed we all feel to be here.  We want our visitors to feel that they "enter as guests but leave as friends" when they come to a Capt. Nick show!  Many times we will see the same visitors back at shows several times while they are in town on vacation.

I know what it felt like to be alone in a new town and I also know how great it felt to be noticed, so I try to make it my personal goal to also welcome every single Shipwreck when they come into a place where Capt. Nick is playing.  Being a Shipwreck makes it very easy for a single to walk in and immediately be surrounded by friends.  Many times we have Shipwrecks come into town without spouses who may have stayed back home and they know exactly where they can find a large group of friends to have dinner with while enjoying great music.  Our seating always follows the rule that "there's always room for one more at the table" and a Shipwreck never has to worry about being alone!