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"A Touch of Heaven Down By the Sea"

Lani Worthington
Lani Worthington

Life just keeps getting better on our little island!  Although we live in a tourist town, we often forget what it feels like to be a stranger visiting in a new town. Having just come off of a vacation "Cruisin with Capt. Nick",  I have a new appreciation of the importance of making visitors in Flagler Beach feel welcome.  First impressions and friendliness of the locals was very critical as we visited various islands. Smiles and music always provided a very positive image of the cities we visited.  The best way we Shipwrecks have found to do this in Flagler Beach is through Capt. Nick's music.  

Capt. Nick plays several days a week in the Flagler Beach area. Almost every show includes tourists who are looking for a meal and a fun afternoon or evening. They are in awe of the beautiful beach, the ocean, and the small town feel of our area. As they sit and listen to Capt. Nick singing the praises of Flagler Beach, they quickly realize that he puts into words the emotions that they are feeling.  Quoting Capt. Nick:  "Flagler Beach is the place to be, a touch of heaven down by the sea."  He also sings "See the tourists at the taco stand, shrimp burrito in their hand. Across the street is the ice cream man, daddy buy me a cone!  Over yonder is the Flagler pier, you can see them catching fish from here. People come from far and near, but I call this home!"

As I try to write this particularly to tourists and visitors to Flagler Beach, I realize that I live my life as if on a year round vacation!  Honestly, the reason I feel this way is because of the fun that I have several days a week at Capt. Nick's shows.  His music has brought over 2000 people together as friends and members of his Shipwreck Fan Club, and the number grows with every show.  So whether you already live in Flagler and are looking for a place to fit in, or you are reading about our beach town and thinking about visiting, please know that you can always find fun, friends, music and a warm welcome if you find Capt. Nick.  For more information or to find out where and when Capt. Nick is playing, please contact me at:  I am always happy to welcome guests to the shows and introduce you to Shipwrecks.    Lani Worthington, aka Ima Wreck