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Bringing People Together

Carol Fisher
Carol Fisher

I've been doing some reminiscing this week. The BeachHouse Beanery is almost 7 years old, and that has made me a bit thoughtful. I came across the stack of postcards that we had displayed at the "OLD Beanery", and I was looking through them and remembering the folks that sent them.  Lucas, was 10 years old, when he sent the postcard from Switzerland, saying he missed our hot chocolate! Judy and Barry sent one from Wasaga Beach, Ontario, showing us the photo of their Summer Beach home. Steve and Rene, who visited the Beanery almost every single day of our first few years of operation, sent a postcard from Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia!

It just reminded me of how many friends we've made here, some long lasting, some fleeting, but either way--FRIENDS!  When we started out, our two daughters worked for us once in a while as they were in college and law school, and we started a jar labeled "Tips for Textbooks".  Even when they weren't around, people wanted to leave tips for "the girls".  One year we sent them each $700 in accumulated tips, to help pay for college books!

We have made new friends that JUMPED to our aid when our daughter Julie died--people that accepted that we are no longer who we used to be--people that offer to volunteer to grocery shop for us, help us when our lives are crazy, support and pray for us, invite us to dinner, party with us!

Captain Nick first performed at the BeachHouse Beanery over 5 years ago, and now he has over 3000 fans in his fan club, and continues to perform twice a month here, and always brings a "boat load" of "Shipwrecks" to sing and dance and have a great time.

It's weird how things happen, and this coffee house was never in our long-term plan, but somehow it came to be, and as I often tell people, "I FINALLY figured out what I want to be when I grow up!"  In the business of bringing people together"!  I was SO HONORED when  Flagler County Tourism  wanted to focus on me as one of the "Flagler Souls".  It just sort of wrapped it all up for me---I yam what I yam!

Jeff and I  have been so blessed in our little journey here in Flagler Beach, and we want to thank you ALL for helping us make this undertaking so enjoyable and worthwhile!