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Another thing I love about living in a sleepy little beach town...

Carol Fisher
Carol Fisher

Yesterday after work  I was driving our golf cart the four blocks between the BeachHouse Beanery and my home.  I'm always happy when I drive the golf cart (I'm sure I have bugs in my teeth from smiling). 

So I'm tootling along on the right side of  Central Ave.  I get passed on the left by a girl on a skateboard listening to an iPod and singing along.  We nod and sorta wave to each other.  Coming the other way is another golf cart, right in her path, as she is passing me.  They both slow down determining who is going to move. 

I'm thinking of going into the grass, to leave more room.  Then the golf cart coming the other way is being passed by a guy on a bicycle!  Now there's four of us, all heading toward each other!  Everyone slows down, moves aside a bit, gets in single file and pass by each other, nodding, smiling, waving.  No swearing, no "one finger salutes", no honking.  

It just struck me that maybe that's what it's like in heaven.  I smiled all the way home. (Then I had to get in my car and drive on I-95 to Daytona.)   But I kept that little piece of heaven in my mind, until I could get home and write it down. 

Thank you for listening!  Now I really want to finish up this post so I can go drive my golf cart some more!