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Flagler Home & Lifestyle Show

The month of January signals changes across the county. It ushers in a New Year. Cold, Arctic air dips down into the Deep South bringing about nippy weather during the day, freezing temperatures at night, and sometimes, icicles hanging from orange trees. If it’s the fourth weekend in January in Flagler County, then it’s time for the Flagler Home & Lifestyle Show.

February Fishing Forecast

The largest variable for February fishing is going to be our weather. If we continue to have unseasonably warm weather and high winds, then the best bet for catching more fish will be to refer to your fishing journal for last spring. If we finally get another cold snap then we can look forward to our last month of winter fishing.

Do Not Fight What Nature Gives You..

I am staring out toward the small lake behind my home watching the rain drops bounce across the water. I love to watch nature in all of its forms, however, as a photographer, anxious to spend some time capturing the beauty of this area, I have a twinge of disappointment. Then my mind drifts to one thing I have learned as a photographer---do not fight or resist what nature gives you---go with it.

Kayaking the Flagler County Wilderness Area

The east coast of Flagler County is a transition zone, a boarder between the land and a wilderness area that stretches out eastward along the County’s nineteen miles of beach. It offers unobstructed views out to the horizon along with many spectacular sunrises. This is where, when the surf conditions allow, we go to play.

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