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Life is Short - Boats are Cool!

  • By Van Snider

A special part of visiting or living in Flagler County is the opportunity to enjoy boating opportunities.

Flagler Parks Offer Boating Access and Serve as Destinations

  • By Van Snider

There are a significant number of State, county and municipal parks in Flagler County.

A different kind of Friday in Flagler Beach

There is just something special about being in a small town like Flagler Beach. There are lots of options to choose from when you live in the Palm Coast and The Flagler Beaches area.

Another thing I love about living in a sleepy little beach town...

Yesterday after work I was driving our golf cart the four blocks between the BeachHouse Beanery and my home. I'm always happy when I drive the golf cart (I'm sure I have bugs in my teeth from smiling).

Swimming with Joy!

We were given the unique opportunity of swimming with the dolphins in the deep water of their habitat, and with dive masks on we were able to observe the grace and power of these beautiful animals firsthand.

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