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Carla Cline - Surfing and Local Living

Carla Cline

Carla Cline has lived in Flagler County over 30 years and loves calling Flagler Beach home. Spending her days dreaming up ways to make life more interesting, she splits her time being a mom to two children, writing for her website, creating art and specialty items for her new funky gift shop called Flagler Surf Art &Stuff, and recently becoming partner in opening a new restaurant called The Island Grille. "Why so much? "I have not figured out yet what I want to be when I grow up, so I have decided to do a little bit of everything that I love. I am very fortunate to live somewhere that makes me happy and be in a relationship that is supportive of my inability to focus on one thing. I am also deeply grateful for daily inspiration and maintaining positive outlook on life. I may also have multiple personalities or an undiagnosed form of ADD. In my spare time I love to relax on the beach…and if there are waves …everything else can wait.

USLA Southeast Region Championships come to Flagler Beach!

Flagler Beach is playing host to the USLA Southeast Region Championships, kicking off this Thursday, Friday and Saturday (July 16-18, 2015), with over 400 participants scheduled to compete.