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Carol Fisher - Livin' on Island Time

Carol Fisher

I was born and raised in the Arizona desert,  then spent several nomadic years wandering around Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey with my husband. We eventually landed in Cleveland Heights, Ohio and stayed for twenty years raising our family.  We always dreamed of living at the beach, and finally in 2006 made the move to Flagler Beach --our Paradise Found.  On July 4th, 2008 we opened the BeachHouse Beanery Cafe with the vision of becoming a friendly meeting place for locals and travellers.  I write a weekly newsletter for the Beanery, keeping people informed on what's happening in the area, and through this effort realized that I really like to write!  I am loving Livin' on Island Time.

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Bringing People Together

I've been doing some reminiscing this week. The BeachHouse Beanery is almost 7 years old, and that has made me a bit thoughtful.

Another thing I love about living in a sleepy little beach town...

Yesterday after work I was driving our golf cart the four blocks between the BeachHouse Beanery and my home. I'm always happy when I drive the golf cart (I'm sure I have bugs in my teeth from smiling).


I say, you gotta LOVE IT! The ROAR of motorcycles up and down A1A competing with the roar of the surf, which seems especially noisy this week, for some reason.

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