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Melissa Clauson & Joe Woodbury - The Outdoors/Parks

Melissa Clauson & Joe Woodbury

Melissa Clauson is ultimate multi-tasker and set a Washington Oaks Park record of 52 tasks at one time.Melissa’s personal interests include fishing, horseback riding, raising chickens, vegetable gardening, and sailing.  Joe grew up in Florida and enjoys spending as much time outdoors as possible, which is great since he is the Park Services Specialists and garden guru at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park where he oversees the pruning, fertilizing, planting, and watering schedules for more than 20 acres.

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Swimming with Joy!

We were given the unique opportunity of swimming with the dolphins in the deep water of their habitat, and with dive masks on we were able to observe the grace and power of these beautiful animals firsthand.

Kayaking the Flagler County Wilderness Area

The east coast of Flagler County is a transition zone, a boarder between the land and a wilderness area that stretches out eastward along the County’s nineteen miles of beach. It offers unobstructed views out to the horizon along with many spectacular sunrises. This is where, when the surf conditions allow, we go to play.

Kayaking For Life

Life is experienced through the body and our bodies seem to be happiest when they are outside and engaged! For us, kayaking in the Hammock is so much fun we're almost reluctant to call it exercise, it's just a part of getting outdoors and feeling alive!

Woop, Woop, Ahhh and Wheee!

Over five miles of great biking trails await all levels of riders through the old Florida scenery of live oaks and palm trees. The trail has something for everybody from simple one mile crushed shell paths, to three miles of technical features that require a high level of skill to be able to negotiate. There are boulder down hills, otherwise known as woopty do's, that will be sure to make you shout like a kid again!

Jogging through Beauty

If you are staying in the Hammock, working in the Hammock, or just passing through the Hammock, we want you to stop by Washington Oaks for a workout one day! You won't have to fight the crowds or even pass a lot of people. You will mostly be passing flowers, trees, birds, gopher tortoises, the occasional deer, and every once and a while a human.

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