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Lani Worthington - Local Music Scene

Lani Worthington

My name is Lani Worthington, but I am more commonly known in Flagler Beach as Ima Wreck, President of Capt. Nick's Fan Club, the Shipwrecks. My husband, Don (aka He’s a Wreck) and I taught high school physical education and health and I coached volleyball for many years in Lafayette, Indiana. After we retired in 2010, we moved to Flagler Beach to begin a new life where I write about the local music scene and sing the praises of Capt. Nick.

"A Touch of Heaven Down By the Sea"

Life just keeps getting better on our little island! Although we live in a tourist town, we often forget what it feels like to be a stranger visiting in a new town. Having just come off of a vacation "Cruisin with Capt. Nick", I have a new appreciation of the importance of making visitors in Flagler Beach feel welcome.

A Winning Floating Tiki Bar!

Capt. Nick and his Shipwrecks are really creating fun times in Flagler Beach this summer. We won "BEST OF PARADE" in this year's Fourth of July Parade by converting Johnny D's tiki bar float into a boat. Capt. Nick sang while the Shipwrecks walked and danced along the route giving out candy to the crowd. A fun time was had by all!!

The Shipwrecks Go Cruisin

Capt. Nick and his Shipwrecks have been extremely busy this past few months! Along with playing at several local restaurants, a group of 26 of us went "Cruisin with the Captain" out of Tampa, which included ports of call of Key West and Cozumel. It was so wonderful to take our own "Flagler Favorite", Capt. Nick, and enjoy 5 days of music and fun.

The Shipwrecks Don't Want To Be Rescued!

What is the Shipwreck Fan Club? We are a group of people who first came together to listen to the heartfelt music of Capt. Nick. He is a Flagler Beach resident who writes songs and sings about life on the beach, along with various other cover songs. His words express so many of the feelings that we have inside but just can't quite find the way to say it. I often say that Capt. Nick sings from his heart to ours. He is a kind, loving man who is accompanied by his wife Dana, who plays percussion. The motto of the fan club is: "We are Shipwrecked in Flagler Beach but do not want to be rescued!"