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Kim Medley - Community & State Parks Horseback Trail Riding

Kim Medley

As a Native Floridian, counties along the East Coast of Florida have been home for most of my life. I share many passions and Flagler County provides an array of historical sites, avenues for art & culture, fun annual events, great golf courses, hiking and walking trails galore, unique dining experiences, and breathtaking beaches. It is my hope your journey to Flagler County will lead you to discover its many treasures and embrace them as I have.

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Flagler Beach - Florida's Romantic Coast

Family albums are filled with photos of mom and dad buried in sand and coastal castle construction; but, where are the snapshots of loved ones strolling by the sea, walking hand in hand, reliving early days of courtship, talking about future bucket lists, and renewing love's heart light?

Life Through the Ears of a Horse

Silver, Pie, Scout, Black Beauty, and Secretariat are names that stir the imagination of young and old, alike. Whether a child is curled up and jumping rails while astride a magnificent steed, or an adult is crouched at the edge of their seat while cheering Big Red on to victory in the Triple Crown, horses have inspired many to dawn a Stetson, slip on a pair of boots, grab the reins, and ride like the wind.

Princess Place Preserves Turn of the Century Florida

A rumbling road, sprinkled with Florida sugar sand, slowly winds through a canopy of bending oaks, heavy from moss laden limbs, and lonesome pines. Trees, once destined to become planks of lumber, a tin of turpentine, or a ship's mast, now stand as silent sentries for pristine forests; while visitors begin a journey to a Florida of long ago.Whether you choose to travel on horseback or in the comfort of a horseless carriage, all trails and roads to Princess Place Preserve take you back in time when family, friends, conversation, and outdoor activities provided entertainment and memories that would last a lifetime.

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