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Kayaking For Life

Melissa Clauson & Joe Woodbury
Melissa Clauson & Joe Woodbury

One of the best things about the Hammock area is that it’s part of an island nestled between the Matanzas Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean. You’re surrounded by water and have access to year round recreation opportunities that will get you outside and keep you active. Our favorite water sport is kayaking; we both own twelve foot sit on top kayaks and at one time or other during our careers, have worked as professional kayak guides.

Kayaking is an excellent form of exercise; most are light, fast and responsive when steering. You’re always very close to the water, and the only sounds you hear are those from your own paddling. Because you move so quietly through the water, kayaking is also an excellent way to view wildlife.

We called the experts at Ripple Effect Ecotours based out of Marineland Marina to find out a little more information on how exactly kayaking is good exercise for the body.  Eric Ziechek from Ripple answered our question: “If  kayaking is done properly it is a good core workout, very similar to a Pilates exercise.  When we launch our boats in the water we do an instruction of how to properly paddle before getting on the water, and then while you’re kayaking on the water we will coach you to help with proper technique. If you are improperly paddling it is going to strain your shoulders and lower back.  If you are not taught a good technique you have risk of injury.”  The moral of the story here is to make sure you know how to paddle properly to insure you are getting the most out of your experience!

When kayaking in the Hammock, we’ll either paddle along the Intracoastal Waterway on quiet evenings with a group of friends, or to avoid boat traffic completely, we’ll head down Long Creek. Both the Intracoastal Waterway and Long Creek can be accessed by launching at Bing’s Landing County Park. If you don’t own a kayak and are wondering if it’s going to be the right activity for you, we recommend you go out on a tour with one of the guides at Ripple Effect Ecotours.

Life is experienced through the body and our bodies seem to be happiest when they are outside and engaged! For us, kayaking in the Hammock is so much fun we’re almost reluctant to call it exercise, it’s just a part of getting outdoors and feeling alive!