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Flagler Beach - Florida's Romantic Coast

Kim Medley
Kim Medley

Surging seas rush to sandy shores. Blue-green waters turn to white, sudsy topped waves. Rolling, thunderous explosions become countless ripples, and foamy fingers stretch across a coquina covered coastline. As the ocean’s reach retreats, sparkling colors of reds, chocolates, and black marble swirl together leaving an ever changing palate for all to see. It is simply breathtaking! These centuries’ old oceanic rhythms take place every day up and down the many coasts of Florida. The State boasts names such as: First Coast, Space Coast, Gold Coast, Platinum Coast and the Gulf Coast for its shorelines. Just as the sands combine to present the unique color that is Flagler Beach, so too do words such as: relaxing, unassuming, quaint, oddly picturesque, and coastal rustic unite to describe Flagler Beach as Florida’s Romantic Coast.


Flagler Beach offers the expected activities when planning a vacation or staycation to sun-beached shores. Sand castle building, surfing, fishing, swimming, tanning, and paddle boarding abound up and down the coastline of this funky town known as Flagler Beach. Family albums are filled with photos of mom and dad buried in sand and coastal castle construction; but, where are the snapshots of loved ones strolling by the sea, walking hand in hand, reliving early days of courtship, talking about future bucket lists, and renewing love’s heart light?

Sun rise, a shimmering light, glistening as silver spun silk, sets the scene for the perfect place to relax, rejuvenate, and rekindle those romantic embers. Scenic roadways, such as A1A and the Highway 100 Causeway over the Intracoastal Waterway, provide visitors and locals with breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and give a feeling of a return to civilization as folks fill this island community. Imagine beginning the day with breakfast at By the Sea Cafe. Holding hands while sipping a morning cup of coffee with a few simple stolen glances while enjoying the amazing view are future stories to be shared through the generations. A morning trip beachside, complete with beach chairs, is reminiscent of a time when life was enjoyed at a slower, more relaxing, and fun pace. Flip-flops, tropical print shirts, bikini tops, board shorts, spaghetti strapped tanks, comfortable capris, and colorful summer skirts add elements of carefree and whimsy for which visitors from their twenties to their eighties yearn. It’s the sense of letting your hair down and moving to the eclectic island rhythm that has allowed Flagler Beach to be named one of the Coolest Small Towns for 2013 by Budget Travel Magazine.

So far, the road to rediscovering one’s heart light has been along with seashore; but, the town itself, steps away from this Romantic Coast, offers an abundance of activities for newlyweds and the young at heart seeking to renew hidden declaration of love. One of the most wonderful aspects of Flagler Beach is that it is, for the most part, a walk-about city. The majority of its restaurants, like the Tuscan Grille, Flagler Fish Company, The Golden Lion Cafe, Blue at the Topaz, and the newest addition, Fuego del Mar, are within walking or bike-riding distance to the many shops that dot the town. A late morning or early afternoon tour of the Farmer's Market is cause for a breather and a bite to eat at any of these fine eateries. Whether you choose to sit and think at the beach, or promenade along the city streets, Flagler Beach, by day, provides priceless therapy and time for reflection; but, nighttime brings the city to life and melodious music fills the night air.

A full moon rising above the evening’s indigo blue ocean is an exclamation point for those rekindling romance. Vantage points along A1A allow loved ones to share a bench seat, snuggle back into loving arms, and watch this lunar magic transform the night sky into a canvas for shades of silver, blue, yellow, and peach. Flagler Beach hosts an annual Fourth of July celebration complete with parade and fireworks over the historic Flagler Beach Pier. A blanket on the beach, sites of children twirling sparklers, families gathered together to celebrate Independence Day, and a night sky filled with all the colors in a box of crayons are just a few more reasons to think of Flagler Beach as Florida’s Romantic Coast. Take that time, whether you are planning a vacation or staycation, to walk hand-in-hand, share stolen glances, enjoy the ambiance of local shops and eateries, and take those romantic snapshots to add to your album.