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A New Year’s Winter-Wonderland in Florida!

Jillann Gildea
Jillann Gildea

It was a sunny day in Palm Coast but that’s no surprise.  We don’t get much rain here and the sun almost always shines.  The temperature was in the mid 70’s and for locals we think that is ideal.  A light jacket or sweater and some shorts is the perfect dress for a New Year’s Day!

This New Year’s Day was special as the Palm Coast Arts Foundation hosted an ice skating event in the Town Center. The pre-purchase price was six dollars which included the skate rental. The two-day event was a great success, and fun for the whole family.  

Palm Coast Ice Skating

I witnessed the families ice skating together and the faces of children who had never ice skated in their lives light up as they took to the ice.  

I spoke with the organizer Barrie Michaels who told me that some of the community sponsors included: Michaels Crafts, who did a holiday workshop and Home Depot who provided decorations.   Kohl’s supported the event with staffing and the Daytona International Skaters did a skating performance. 

The new stage area where the rink was placed is just phase one of the planned development.  There will soon be restrooms added to the area and then eventually a symphony house is planned after a raise the roof event.  

Having community events like these are important for our growing population here. Most people would not have believed their eyes if they didn’t know in advance that as they drove through the town park that day, they would be having a very different view—ice skating in Palm Coast!

I personally want to thank the foundation as I benefited greatly watching my grandchildren who were visiting take to the ice!


Jillann Gildea

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