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Spring Is In The Air

Larry Mingledorff
Larry Mingledorff

It is late March and the sky is overcast. I am returning from a breakfast on A1A overlooking the ocean and I notice the brightness of the green in the trees lining the highway. My mind immediately jumps to Washington Oaks Gardens State Park.

It is early spring thus my interest as a photographer is on the various shades of green colors. The flowers are still in their infant stage. As I enter Washington Oaks it looks like an explosion of the color green - perfect for a photographer to explore the various shades of color.

In addition it is overcast and still damp from the morning dew. No photo props needed today, nature is in charge and doing well. I decide to slow walk the entire park and trails.

The photo opportunities are numerous. I am reminded of how many shades of green nature provides for our enjoyment. One of the many things I enjoy about Flagler County are the variety of opportunities to create beautiful photographic art from the natural settings.