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Flagler County Residents Love Their Boats

Van Snider
Van Snider
As might be assumed, Florida has more recreational boats registered in the United State than any other state in the nation. According to United States Coast Guard statistics (2012), Florida has 870,031 registered vessels followed by Minnesota, Michigan, and California, in that order. Obviously, the amount of coastline as well as number of inland lakes and rivers enhances boating access opportunities for residents and visitors and the interest in boat ownership.

Flagler County encompasses 571 sq. miles, 86 sq. miles of that is water. Accordingly, Flagler County residents love their boats evidenced by the number of boats located at docks and boat lifts behind waterfront residences, in marinas and on trailers stored at homes and storage facilities. There are a total of 5,082 (2012) recreational vessels registered in Flagler County and an additional 89 non-recreational vessels (commercial fishing vessels, etc.).

These numbers don’t tell the entire story. The Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) runs from Norfolk, Virginia to Key West, Florida, a total of 1,329 miles. It serves as the key water highway for recreational and commercial vessels. Boats cruising north and south on the  ICW frequently stop in Flagler County and, in many cases, spend several days or longer here.

I have spoken to numerous cruising boaters who have indicated Flagler County is not a one-night stopover. Visiting boaters prefer to spend days and weeks here enjoying the assets of our community - wonderful parks, fantastic beaches, fine restaurants, diverse shopping, and the beauty of our county.

If you are a visitor to our area or a new resident, I encourage you to experience all of the water-based recreational opportunities available here and you’ll understand why we love our boats.