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Our Favorite Flagler Boating Experiences

Van Snider
Van Snider

The primary reason my wife and I moved to Palm Coast/Flagler County in 2013 was to be close to our children and grandchildren. After several trips to the area searching for a home, we realized there was one other important reason to move here - the boating opportunities. We had lived in Florida in the mid-70s and 80’s in Broward County (Greater Ft. Lauderdale area) and remember how extremely busy the area was, both in terms of car traffic as well as boat traffic on the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway (ICW). Flagler County is much different.

If you are a resident on our area or just visiting, I suggest that you find time to enjoy our water resources. Here is a list of some of my wife’s and my favorite Palm Coast/Flagler County boating experiences using Palm Coast Parkway/Hammock Dunes Bridge as a starting point.

  • Cruising north on the ICW: We find this to be extremely relaxing. Not only do we enjoy seeing the various homes, parks and undeveloped areas while traveling north toward Marineland, we enjoy seeing dolphins and various bird species. We pass several parks such as Washington Oaks State Park. Both sides of the ICW, as we head north, are less developed than heading south toward Flagler Beach.
  • Enjoying a packed lunch on board as we cruise at slow speed in the ICW:  If our boating trip starts before noon, we usually pack a lunch and enjoy it onboard. Yes, we have been known to stop Captain’s BBQ at the Bing’s Landing (temporary dockage is available for free).
  • Cruising the residential canals: Our home is not on the water and, therefore, we keep our boat at a local marina. When heading north from the marina, there are three canal entrances on the westside leading to residential areas which we frequently explore. We enjoy traveling through these canals, viewing homes and boats at residential docks. When we travel south, we also have access to residential canals east side of the ICW in Flagler Beach, north of Rt #100.
  • Cruising south:  We cruise past many lovely waterfront residences as we head south toward Flagler Beach. As we travel south of the bridge, we pass Gamble Rogers Memorial State Recreation Area east of the ICW. There is boating access to the park as well as boat ramp access.
  • Heading north or south from Palm Coast leads to more exploring as well as stopping off points:  We frequently continue north past Marineland reaching the southern part of St. Augustine including the Mantanzas Inlet or continuing further into St. Augustine. Heading farther south leads to the Tomoka Basin, Ormond Beach as well as Daytona Beach.
  • Enjoying some fishing:  Even though I’m not the world’s greatest fisherman, Palm Beach and the Flagler Beaches offer great fishing experiences which I enjoy.
Regardless of boating preferences, I’m betting you’ll enjoy every minute you spend on the water. Welcome Aboard!