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Flagler County Boating - Life is Full of Choices

Van Snider
Van Snider

Everyday we make hundreds of decisions; some are easy and some are hard. Many of those decisions can also have long-term consequences. As a visitor to or a resident of Flagler County, I’m suggesting you and your family consider making a decision to spend time on the water. As a long-term boater, my family and I made a decision many years ago that boating would be one of our recreational choices and boating has had long-term positive consequences for our family.

Here are some of the key boating benefits:

  • Forget work and relax. Yes, when you are on the water you forget about your job and related headaches. You are relaxed and work is far from your mind.sail boat
  • Get outside and enjoy Mother Nature. Our lakes, rivers and waterways are beautiful. Forget cell phone calls and texting; you won’t be thinking about picking up your mobile devise.
  • It’s a learning experience for children.  Give each child a boating responsibility - help with the lines, check safety equipment, wash the boat after the trip as examples.
  • Spend quality time with your family and/or friends.  Boating creates an environment which provides quality time together. It brings people closer together.
  • Boating offers a variety of activities.  Choices are diverse - sailing, power boating, jet-skiing, fishing, waterskiing, paddle boarding, kayaking, SCUBA, cruising, etc.
  • Pulls children off the couch and away from video games. Get the kids boating and they will want to not only go boating again, they will want to bring their friends.
  • Boating provides a health benefit. When you relax and forgot everyday life issues, your blood pressure goes down. Relaxing has health benefits.

I’m suggesting boating as a great choice for you and your family. Also, boating in Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches is a special treat. You don’t need to have a large and expensive yacht to enjoy our waterways. Boat types, sizes, horsepower, designs and costs vary. Find what works for you and start living the boating lifestyle. Find out more at The benefits I’ve mentioned and more can be yours.