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Woop, Woop, Ahhh and Wheee!

Melissa Clauson & Joe Woodbury
Melissa Clauson & Joe Woodbury

Zen teacher John Tarrant once commented that “As children our days were full of wonder as the world unfolded itself to us. On such eternal afternoons the grass hums, the ball flies into the blue, and the girls sing there skipping rope song.”  In our youths, there was a lightness of being that is sometimes hard to recapture in adulthood. We sometimes try to recall this sense of joy through the use of drugs, alcohol, and over consumption (also called retail therapy). 

But there is a healthy alternative to these choices! Remember the feeling of freedom and expansiveness you felt when you were ten years old and on your bicycle?  Well just off of A1A in the Hammock Area of Palm Coast lies a beautiful 300 acre green-space, and within that green-space lies the echo’s of innumerable and recent joyful sounds. Sounds such as: “WOOP WOOP!” and “AHHH!” and of course “WHEEEE!”. I am referring to the Mala Compra Bike Trail just across from Bing’s Landing County Park

Over five miles of great biking trails await all levels of riders through the old Florida scenery of live oaks and palm trees. The trail has something for everybody from simple one mile crushed shell paths, to three miles of technical features that require a high level of skill to be able to negotiate. There are boulder down hills, otherwise known as woopty do’s, that will be sure to make you shout like a kid again!  I am not saying that the hardest courses are for everybody, but it is awesome that they are there, it keeps you coming back for new challenges (just make sure to wear proper safety gear!).

To get to the Mala Compra Bike Trail park at Bing’s Landing County Park. You will cross A1A to the trail head which lies right next to Mala Compra Road. At Bing’s Landing County Park there are great amenities such as: Brand new bathrooms and picnic pavilions, kayaking and canoeing opportunities, Captain’s BBQ Restaurant, and the Mala Compra plantation ruins.

The many responsibilities and time constraints of adulthood can really make life feel like a grind… so get your friends together, pack the bikes and safety gear and head to Mala Compra Bike Trail for a healthy lifestyle choice and a screaming good time!