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What Does it Mean to You?

Carol Fisher
Carol Fisher

Quality of Life........such a hot topic the last few years.  But maybe more so for those of us going through a new "passage" of our life.... or a new phase.  You know, empty-nesters, retired, caring for aging parents, career change--whatever!  But "quality of life" hit HOME with me this week.  Our 25 year old son, Greg, is here visiting for a week, at the place that never was his home, as we moved here from Ohio after he left for college in California.  Also this week we have had a lot of vacationers visit the Beanery, and you know I love to chat with the visitors!  Anyway, these events have caused me to reflect on QUALITY OF LIFE.  To our son, Jeff and I are different, our friends are different, our lifestyle is different, our home is different.  When he was growing up in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, I was the stay-at-home mom that always had time to chat and a refrigerator of food, with a 5 bedroom house and a big yard and a pretty decent car (though never a great car). is different!  The refrigerator full of food is at the BeachHouse Beanery, which we raided for salad and wine last night!  The car is less trust-worthy than before.  Mom is never home!  BUT...I think even he can see that Jeff and I are more comfortable in our new "skin", our tanned and relaxed Florida skin.  We vacation less, but we NEED vacations less.  Our cars aren't as nice, but we can walk, bicycle, or ride the scooter more.  Our daily existence is less challenging, but more satisfying. 

This week at the BeachHouse Beanery I chatted with a few couples on vacation from Atlanta, Charlotte, and Chattanooga  which gave me a chance to reflect on the changes from our previous life, to our new life in Flagler Beach, and as I walked home from work,  once again choosing the "toes in the sand" route on the beach, I was reminded that I would never trade back to my old life, with my bigger house, bigger yard, nicer car, and more money.  I am richer today!