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Do what you love....Love what you do!

Carol Fisher
Carol Fisher

This is what I love about being in a small town.  This morning an eighty year old widower, who is one of our most faithful customers  at the BeachHouse Beanery posted a note on our bulletin board.  It was a flyer about an an opening reception of an art exhibition Daytona, TONIGHT.  There will be cocktails, piano music, catered food, semi-formal attire.  Rather "swishy" event by Flagler Beach standards, no?  He added a note in his own handwriting, "Who will go with me? (should be nice)."  Now, I don't know if he meant that the guest should be nice, or the event should be nice.    Well, fast forward two hours...another regular, who had met the man last week at the Beanery, came in and was looking at the notice.  She (who is in her 40's) called her mom who is single, and now it looks like he has a partner for tonight's event!  How can you not love that story?  It made my day.  That's why I love my job!


Here's another nice story.  I took a few minutes recently to visit a new store in Ormond Beach. The owners are regular customers of the Beanery.  I've wanted to check out their store for quite a while, but as you might know, I'm kinda busy.  As I was visiting the store the owner said, "I was in the Beanery on Wednesday, and someone else was working there."  Now I have to tell you, usually people who come in want to see Jeff or me.  They're disappointed if we're not here, which we take as a compliment.   However, we've begun to feel that everyone thinks, even though they must have time off from work if they are able to sit around a coffee house, that Jeff and I should NOT have any time off.   BUT, her next statement was this: "Carol, you have found a real gem!  Zoe was so welcoming, and pleasant.  She visited with us, checked up on us, and thanked us graciously."

I knew this about Zoe, and have heard it before, but it was so nice to hear again.


So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for the chance to interact with wonderful people every day, thankful for a job I truly love which seems custom-made for me, thankful for the co-workers that are willing to teach an old dog new tricks on the computer, thankful for reminders that I am doing the right thing, thankful for people that know what to say to pick me up when things don't seem to be going right, thankful for the music in my life, thankful for the friends that come in, and those that will soon become friends, or just people that share a few nice minutes on the journey.