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Kayaking the Flagler County Wilderness Area

The east coast of Flagler County is a transition zone, a boarder between the land and a wilderness area that stretches out eastward along the County’s nineteen miles of beach. It offers unobstructed views out to the horizon along with many spectacular sunrises. This is where, when the surf conditions allow, we go to play.

A View From The Shore

There are many things to love about Flagler County! I try from time to time to try new things and I am usually pleasantly surprised. It was recently no different on my morning walk on The Hammock Beach.

Flagler Beach - Florida's Romantic Coast

Family albums are filled with photos of mom and dad buried in sand and coastal castle construction; but, where are the snapshots of loved ones strolling by the sea, walking hand in hand, reliving early days of courtship, talking about future bucket lists, and renewing love's heart light?

What Does it Mean to You?

Quality of Life........such a hot topic the last few years. But maybe more so for those of us going through a new "passage" of our life.... or a new phase. You know, empty-nesters, retired, caring for aging parents, career change--whatever! But "quality of life" hit HOME with me this week.

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