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They Come From Everywhere!

Jillann Gildea
Jillann Gildea

There was a lot happening on our beaches in the last couple of weeks. I love walking and saying hello to people. I see children digging in the sand, meet the fisherman, see the laid back sun worshipers and greet the fellow strollers. A good morning smile, a stop to answer or ask a question and you can find out a lot of things about the people on Flagler Beach.

This morning was brisk; the sun was behind the clouds and peeked out now and then, it was just enough to entice the visitors to hit the sand. My first encounter this morning was a couple sitting in beach chairs, who asked for some restaurant recommendations. After some conversation I found out they were from Slovakia. “How did you end up in Flagler Beach, are you visiting family, I asked?” “No, we saw all the comments on the internet about Flagler Beach,” they said. “We loved the location and read about it being a quiet little beach town. We saw that it was close to Saint Augustine so we decided to book a hotel here on the beach.” They were enjoying the beach and “beautiful weather.” Compared to Slovakia in March, they said the temperature was perfect. I counted my blessing and bid them a good morning and continued my walk. Nice People!

I soon encountered “John” the fisherman. I always like to get fishing tips because one day I see myself as a successful fisherwoman. I’ve been collecting tips for quite a few years now, enough said. So after the fishing questions I asked John, “Are you local?” “No,” he said, “not yet. I’m from Canada. One of my friends mentioned how great the fishing was in Flagler County and I decided to take a couple weeks off and try it out. I’m really enjoying the fishing here and visiting with my friend, now I’m looking at houses to buy because I fell in love with Palm Coast.”

Next a young couple asked me to take their picture. They were here for a week on their honeymoon vacation from Chile. I asked them how they ended up in Flagler Beach. They said they flew into Daytona Beach and after a day they decided to drive north. When they got to Flagler Beach they saw the beautiful ocean view and saw dolphin swimming. They decided to get a hotel and stay in Flagler Beach for a few more nights, they talked about their Kayak adventure on the Intracoastal the day before and they were so happy they took the drive and found our little town.

Thinking about these people I encountered in my short walk this morning I was wondering, what if I could walk for hours, who would I meet? Maybe I’ll walk the Hammock Beach next because a “celebrity” is building his house there, who knows; maybe he’ll be out for a walk! I just never know what’s going to happen once I hit the sand, who I’ll meet, what I’ll see. The tides change, the weather changes, the people change but one thing is constant around here and that is our beautiful “View From the Shore!”